Future Thinking – Article 3 – Make/Use and Open Source Design


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Authorship has always been a divisive issue in design fields. In architecture the ownership, or at least attribution of the brilliant idea, has long been bound up in the personality cults of prolific marketers. Through the modern movement architects like Le Corbusier, Mies van...
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Model Making in the Studio


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In the studio, model making is an integral part of the way we design. For us, modelling operates as a testing ground for ideas, not just a method for presenting a finalised design. They give our clients a genuine, pre-emptive insight into how the spaces that they will soon...
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Future Thinking – Article 2 – Nanotechnology


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When we think about how materials have evolved in the past we naturally look to moments of disruptive change in technology and design. To moments where our previous assumptions are upended and a new way perceiving the world is made clear. We are currently in one of those...
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Aaron Paterson Receives President’s Award


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Congratulations to Aaron Paterson who has received the prestigious NZIA President’s Award for his efforts in organising In:situ, the NZIA National Conference! Aaron worked alongside Courtney Kitchen and Andrew Barrie in organising the conference. Aaron was also heavily involved...
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